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Smart Snacks

Chocolate-Dipped Banana Pops

You'll go ape over this banana snack! The banana truly tastes like ice cream!

ChocoMint Shake

Have you ever worn a chocolate-mint milkshake mustache? Here's your chance!

Fabulously Fruity Freeze

Eating frozen treats is always fun. But it's even more fun when you make them yourself!

Grape-n-Cheese Mini-Kebabs

These tiny kebabs have great big taste! They're a fantastic after school stomach satisfier. They're a perfect party-pleaser if you have friends over, too!

Groovy Grape Ape Smoothie

It's smooth, creamy and purple–purplicious!  

Nuked Nachos

A super snack food that'll make you happy—and your bones happy, too!

Pleasingly Pink Salsa Swirly

This salsa is so cool! You can dip tortilla chips into it, top baked potatoes with it—or even use it in place of ketchup for burgers!

Que Pasa Pinwheels

These little bites are so luscious that if your taste buds could talk they'd shout "¿Que pasa?" That's Spanish for "What's happening?"

Super-Duper Shakin' Snack Mix

This is an ideal snack—morning, noon or night! You can even toss a bag of it in your backpack to curb your grumbellies away from home.