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Chocolate-Dipped Banana Pops

You'll go ape over this banana snack! The banana truly tastes like ice cream!

Dreamy Creamy Parmesan Polenta

Tired of mashed potatoes or rice? Try this incredibly smooth, calcium-packed dish for a delicious change of pace!

Edible Apple Lips

This "mouth" has tasty teeth made from mini-marshmallows and lips from red apple slices! Open wide!

Little Towers of Pasta

The pasta in this super side is called couscous. It's mini-pieces of pasta!

Popeye's Pizza Bagel

Popeye, the muscle-popping cartoon character, loved spinach. So will you…once you try this new-fangled pizza—named for good ol' Popeye!

Romaine Wrap-n-Rolls

Who says you need bread to make a sandwich? Not us! Try lettuce! Just think of it like a thin green wrapper that you simply fill and roll.

Scrumptious Cinnamon Toast

This toast will take no time flat to fix when you wake up. And for an even speedier start, just mix up the sugar and cinnamon mixture the night before so it's ready for sprinkling at sun-up!