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Brown Bag Specials

PB & B Sandwich

Pack this A-OK sandwich in your lunch instead of just ordinary peanut butter and jelly. This one's sloppily delicious! 

Pizza Pockets

These "pockets" are perfect for packing. They're good cold for lunch or hot any time.

Romaine Wrap-n-Rolls

Who says you need bread to make a sandwich? Not us! Try lettuce! Just think of it like a thin green wrapper that you simply fill and roll.

Saladwich Pocket

It's a salad! It's a sandwich! It's a salad and sandwich all in one!

Singapore "Silly String" Chicken Salad

You can actually eat this "silly string"! It's so scrumptious, you just might ask for more of this salad from Singapore. 

Totally Terrific Toppers on Cucumber "Chips"

Nothing fishy about these fantastic, fun-to-eat Toppers! If you're a tuna fan, reel in this recipe! If not, that's OK too! You can simply swap canned chicken breast for the tuna!

Triple, Triple, Triple Sub

Three is the magic number for this submarine sandwich! Topped with three lunchmeats, threes cheese and three other toppings, this sub is a triple taste treat. 

Very Cool Veggie Burrito

Stuff it! Roll it! Wrap it! This burrito's as cool to make as it is to eat!