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Breakfast Bonanza

Applesaucy Oatmeal

Oatmeal is Oh-so-good for your heart. It's a hearty way to start your day, too!

Checkerboard A.M. Pizza

This "international" pizza looks like a round checkerboard, though this game board most definitely tastes better than a real cardboard one

Confetti Egg Scramble

Take scrambled eggs to the next level. These eggs are eggstra tasty!

Eye-opening Orange Dream

You make this speedy-quick, creamy Dream in the blender. It'll remind you of an orange creamsicle. Yum!

Mmm Mmmorning Sundae

Have a big appetite? Then scoop down this layered sundae for a breakfast treat. It tastes like dessert! 


Perky Pita Pocket-to-Go

To enjoy this quick morning meal in minutes, just plop in the ingredients, pick it up and take the palate plunge.

Scrumptious Cinnamon Toast

This toast will take no time flat to fix when you wake up. And for an even speedier start, just mix up the sugar and cinnamon mixture the night before so it's ready for sprinkling at sun-up!

Wacky Wafflewich

What a wonderful way to enjoy waffles . . . as a sandwich! Fill it with any favorite filling. Peanut butter is our pick for a hearty breakfast bite!