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Be a Part-time Pet Walker

Do you have a dog? Do you have a neighbor with a dog? Maybe it's an elderly neighbor who can't walk their dog often or maybe it's a neighbor who doesn't have time to walk their dog.

Well, you've got two legs—put them to good use! Walk your own dog or help out your neighbor by offering to walk their dog for them! (Make sure it's a friendly dog and not too big to handle.) Not only will you be doing a good deed, but you and the dog will get a great workout while you're at it!

Before you ask a neighbor if you can walk their dog, talk to your parents. Let them know your plan. Try to choose a neighbor that your parents know. If it's a neighbor that your parents don't know, it's a good idea to have your parents talk to the neighbor first so that everyone knows each other.

Once you've gotten your parents' approval, volunteer to walk your neighbor's dog at least once a week. If you have the time, you can offer to walk the dog more often.

Just make sure you're walking the dog, not letting the dog walk you!

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