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Fitting in Fast Food Favorites

There's no doubt that a meal of a burger, fries and soft drink tastes great. And it's fun to stop at your favorite fast food place with your family or friends. Here are some ways to eat fast food and be healthy, too:

  • Be size wise. It's OK to get the huge-size fries or burger when you're really hungry or are working out a lot. But eating the biggest sizes all the time can slow you down. Most times, order a smaller burger, fries and soft drink. Or split the big fries with a friend.
  • Balance it out. If you eat a lot at lunch, work in some extra walking or biking and go light with soup and salad for dinner.
  • Pull a switch. Instead of the usual burger and fries, choose something new like a grilled chicken sandwich with a baked potato, side salad or bag of sliced fruit.
  • Think about your drink. You can get milk or fruit juice at many places. They taste great and give you vitamins and minerals. Interested in low-calorie drinks? Bottled water and diet soft drinks can quench your thirst, too.

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Reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Panel, 2006