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Totally Weird Ways To (Fruit and) Veg Out

You've heard it at least a million times—eat your fruits and veggies! After all, they're packed with lots of good-for-you vitamins, minerals and fiber.

To look good and feel good, you need to eat at least 2 ½ cups of veggies and 1 ½ cups of fruits every day (that's if you eat 1,800 calories a day—your amounts could be different if you eat a different number of calories).

Don't worry—you don't have to eat a cup at a time! Eating smaller bits of fruits and veggies throughout the day counts toward your total. And you might be amazed at how fruits and veggies are in lots of other foods you eat (think vegetable soup or veggie-topped pizza, even)!

If your usual fruit and veggie total isn't measuring up—or if your usual selections seem ho-hum, try these totally weird but tasty ways to (fruit and) veg out today!

Pick out something funny sounding. Like kohlrabi…or cardoon…or carambola—the first two are veggies and the second one's a fruit! Go grocery shopping with your parents and ask them to buy the funniest sounding fruit or veggie you can find. Taste-test it with your family when you get home.

Bite into a PBB, PBA, PBR or PBC sandwich. Instead of jelly, that's peanut butter with sliced bananas, sliced apples, raisins or shredded carrots.

Chill out with a frozen fruit bar. Ask your parents to get the kind made with 100% fruit juice.

Create a different kind of crunch. Pile your sandwich with sliced cucumber, arugula, radishes, celery, red pepper or water chestnuts.

Order a pineapple-topped pizza. If fruity pizza's not your thing, load it with veggies like green peppers, mushroom, onions and tomatoes.

Escape with a frozen grape. Take some grapes off the stem, wash and dry them, put them in a bowl or a sealed plastic baggie and pop them into the freezer for an hour or so. A real cool treat!

Create a patriotic yogurt. Stir blueberries and chopped up strawberries into vanilla yogurt.

Mash up some color. Instead of regular mashed potatoes, ask Mom or Dad to make some mashed sweet potatoes. They're orange, smooth and oh-so-sweet!

You think those are weird ways to get your fruits and veggies? How about some:

Edible Apple Lips
Insect-Infested Logs

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